ASAVA 40th Annual Conference 2013


ASAVA 40th Annual Conference 2013

August 18th – 23rd

Visit Total Medical Imaging Solutions at Stand 23

TMIS will demonstrate the latest image processing technology with Veterinary MUSICA 2 for CR and DR.

Exclusive to Agfa, Veterinary MUSICA 2 takes image processing to a new level and is designed to maximise radiographic detail, drive dose management and provide workflow efficiencies.

A highlight will be the official launch of the veterinary intra-oral dental solution for the CR30-X which provides high image quality, empowered by Veterinary MUSICA 2 image processing and dedicated intra-oral image plates ranging in size from S0 – S4.


Also featured on our stand will be the Agfa CR30-X, newly released CR10-X and the DX-D DR Retrofit solution.


Veterinary Dental Application for CR30-x, CR30-X and CR4Vet Bench-top CR Systems

Agfa Healthcare have released a Veterinary Dental solution for the CR30-x, CR30-X and CR4Vet that comprises a CR DD1.0T Vet Cassette (15 x 30cm) with tray and adaptor for intra-oral plates of size S0, S1, S2, S3 and S4.


The Veterinary Dental solution does not require special software versions for the digitiser or NX workstation which means you can get started with digital dental x-rays right away with minimal set-up and training.

The workflow consists of:

  • Removing the specialised intra-oral image plate adaptor from the vet cassette.
  • Selecting the size plate that is required for the examination.
  • Placing the image plate into a barrier envelope.
  • Expose the image plate.
  • Place the image plate back into the adaptor and feed the adaptor back into the cassette.
  • Open a study and choose an examination, then process the cassette as per normal.
  • The processed image appears on the screen and can be manipulated and saved in the normal way.



CR Systems

xray DentalVetbis2_tcm541-103397 DentalVetbis1_tcm541


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